...About Us...

This company was started by an at home mom that was tired of getting false leads to opportunities to make an honest living. Hi my name is Tina Vega and I am the founder of Motivated Mommies. An Administrative Assistant for over 15 years and now a mother of two beautiful girls. After having my first daughter I felt the need to stay home and raise my child the best way that I know. It did not take long for money to become scarce and like most rural areas the need for a joint income no longer became a luxury but a necessity. I knew that there were at home opportunities out there but most of them wanted money up front just to find out about the company. That is when I thought to myself there has got to be another way. Today's mom's are looking for a way to provide for their family, be involved in their children's life and still have time left over for themselves. A balance in life that is possible with the right Motivation. That is when I decided to put all of this information together to accommodate mom's from all walks of life. New mommies that are not sure if they want to go back to work after having their baby, Mommies that are already at home that need a little extra income to contribute to the family & working mommies that want or need a career change. Maybe you're just looking to make some new friends and meet moms that are currently in the same situation. Who knows! You may even get the opportunity to pamper yourself along with getting paid for doing it.

We as mom’s know how hard it is to research companies and have the means to obtain all the opportunities. The way I see it is -Time spent searching is time away from your kids. Let us do the work by researching and posting reputable resources that all moms should know about!

Anything is possible with the right Motivation To be successful you have to think successful and you can reach your goal here with the help of Motivated Mommies
You have already witnessed a miracle through child birth! The possibilities are now endless! With that said, allow us to help you be the best mom the way that you know and provide you with opportunity to be successful being the best you!

xoxox Tina
Founder & Chief Motivated Mommy